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07-03-2018, 03:51
Hi and thank you for reading.

We have been running pub quizzes on and off for over 15 years. These quizzes evolved into high impact audio-visual quizzes that we ran on a Powerpoint slideshow and which were presented on the venues AV systems. We have embedded video and audio into the powerpoint to make the quizzes easy to operate without having to switch to separate CD players or audio files on the computer. We have also now developed Keynote quizzes for those people who are operating on a Mac. The quizzes generally have 5 or 6 rounds with general knowledge questions, music rounds, movie rounds, millionaires round and plenty of others. The quiz will usually last between 2 and 3 hours depending on how fast the quizmaster wishes to go.

Services are as follows:

- A new high impact audio-visual quiz experience

- Packaged and ready to run as a PowerPoint or keynote

- Answers have evidence

- Economically priced

- Various options i.e. weekly or one offs

- Free supporting downloadable resources such as scoreboards, answer sheets, advertising flyers etc.

The advantages are as follows:

- Other pubs do not have this new quiz experience

- Simple and easy to operate

- It is presented on the audiovisual equipment you already have

- No arguments as the evidence supports the correct answers

- Fresh new quiz easily downloadable each week

- Small investment

Your business benefits are:

- Attract customers from your competitors

- Fill you bar on “quiet nights”

- Players become addicted; will return again and again

- Increase in takings

- Create a new and regular revenue stream

Please take a look at the website where we have further details and an embedded video of how the quizzes work and how you can purchase. We hope that you agree that these are a step up from the usual paper based quizzes which will make yours the go to quiz in your town.

We will send you a brand new quiz for £20 each week. Get your first 2 for £5 each, further details are on the website. Individual quizzes are available for £30 each.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the quiz.

Mike Weaver