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25-12-2017, 15:43
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If it was up to Alexei, it would be vodka and communism. Proper Soviet-style fun.

https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-JpGI3AuR-MI/WkESnwwM6RI/AAAAAAAAdtE/I8PjjdKRFKwSouaYh02zBQY9RiSZol_GQCLcBGAs/s640/Shiraz_socialist.jpg (https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-JpGI3AuR-MI/WkESnwwM6RI/AAAAAAAAdtE/I8PjjdKRFKwSouaYh02zBQY9RiSZol_GQCLcBGAs/s1600/Shiraz_socialist.jpg)

"Mum, can I have more wine?" Andrew asked just now. Lying on the settee. He almost fits on it. Just a foot or two of his hang over the end. He could have get off his lazy fat arse and pour hiself another glass.

The wine is quite nice, in a heavy fruity sort of way. But this isn't a wine blog. I don't even publish beer tasting notes. Not proper ones. Just joke onbes. I'm not going to start with wine.

have to be brief. Vegetables to roast.

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