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07-12-2017, 10:11
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You may have heard about the Historic Lager Festival that will be takig place in St. Louis on March 3rd. As I'll be over in the US, I may as well trail around some other cities.

This my first attempt at an itinerary:

Thursday 22nd Feb
fly to Chicago

Friday 23rd Feb

Saturday 24th Feb

Sunday 25th Feb
fly to Detroit

Monday 26th Feb

Tuesday 27th Feb
fly to Cincinnati

Wednesday 28th Feb

Thursday 1st March
fly to St. Louis

Friday 2nd March
St. Louis

Saturday 3rd March
Historic Lager festival

Sunday 4th March
fly to Chicago

Monday 5th March
fly to Amsterdam

Nothing is really set in stone, other than the Lager Festival. Especially the Cincinnati bit, as so far I haven't arranged anything there. Louisville or Columbus are possible alternatives.

Get in touch if you'd like to hear me talk. Or buy me several beers. It's usually hard to stop me talking after a few beers.

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