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21-11-2017, 14:30
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The other day in conversation on Twitter with Nathaniel Southwood (@NateDawg27 (https://twitter.com/NateDawg27)) we were prompted to think about beer blogs and bloggers again.It’s easy to get stuck in a rut following the same few people you’ve always engaged with since year dot and thus get the idea that Beer Blogging is Dead when some or all of them give up the game. Meanwhile, whole new waves of blogs have come, and maybe gone, and probably been replaced by yet more.
We share round-ups of interesting stuff every Saturday (https://boakandbailey.com/tag/news-nuggets/), trying to cast the net as far and wide as possible, which hopefully helps highlight interesting writers but we sometimes end up featuring the same names time and again for various reasons.
So, by way of a bit of extra sauce, what we’re going to do here is provide a list (if not’s rude to say so) of less well-known bloggers we’re following via RSS (we use Feedly (http://feedly.com)) with brief notes on what they’re about.
You might not like the look of all of them, and inclusion doesn’t necessarily equate to endorsement, but hopefully you’ll find at least one or two new things to spice up your feeds.
Alcohol By Volume (https://alcoholbyvolumesite.wordpress.com/) | Chris Martin (@mrcjmartin (https://twitter.com/mrcjmartin))
London, beer reviews, tech journalist
The Ale In Kaleigh (https://thealeinkaleigh.wordpress.com/) | Kaleigh Watterson (@kaleighpie (https://twitter.com/kaleighpie))
Updates on the Manchester beer, bar and pub scene
The Bearded Housewife (http://www.beardedhousewife.co.uk/) | Rob G (@Cuichulain (https://twitter.com/Cuichulain))
Observations on pubs and parenthood; home-brewing
Beer Leeds (https://beerleeds.co.uk/)*| Richard Coldwell (@RichardColdwell (https://twitter.com/RichardColdwell))
Formerly*‘Ouhouse’, pubs, opinion
Belgisk öl enligt Skrubbe (https://skrubbe.com/)*| Jens Skrubbe
In Swedish (Google Translate!), Belgian beer
Boozy Beer Blog (http://boozybeerblog.co.uk/) | Chris Mulliss
Straight-up old fashioned beer reviews
Brewing Classical Styles (https://brewingclassical.wordpress.com/)* | Kimberly & Kyle (@brewingclassical (https://twitter.com/brewclassical))
Ancient Greek and Roman brewing history and recipes
Brewing East (http://www.brewingeast.com/) | Rebecca Pate (@rpate (https://twitter.com/rpate))
BGBW award nominee, London, bar and event reviews
Brewed in a Bedsit (http://brewinabedsit.blogspot.co.uk/) | Dave S (@Ramblin_Dave (https://twitter.com/Ramblin_Dave))
Philosophy, opinion, home-brewing, Cambridge
Elston’s Beer Blog (https://brewersfriend.wordpress.com/) | Chris Elston (@elstonsbeerblog (https://twitter.com/elstonsbeerblog))
Infrequent, beer reviews, Devon
The Fatal Glass of Beer (http://thefatalglassofbeer.blogspot.co.uk/) | Joe Tindall (@FatalGlass (https://twitter.com/FatalGlass))
BGBW award nominee; city reports, beer reviews, pondering
Fourth Arch (http://fourtharch.com/)*| group project (@fourtharch (https://twitter.com/fourtharch))
Beer reviews, opinion, trip reports
Have I Got Brews For You (https://haveigotbrewsforyou.wordpress.com/)*| Kat Sewell (@katrinnas (https://twitter.com/katrinnas))
Homebrewing experiments in South London
Hot Break (https://hotbreakblog.com/)*| Andrew Fitchett (@AndrewFitchett (https://twitter.com/AndrewFitchett))
Beer reviews, trip reports, based in Norwich
It’s A Brew Life (http://www.itsabrewlife.com/) | Chelsie Markel (@dzyngrl (https://twitter.com/dzyngrl))
Beer reviews, home-brewing, trip reports, based in Pennsylvania
Ken’s Beer Blog (http://kensbeerblog.blogspot.co.uk/) | Ken (obviously)
Plain-talking CAMRA member, opinion, pub reports, North East England
Lady Sinks the Booze (https://ladysinksthebooze.wordpress.com/2017/11/17/a-few-beers-in-york/) | Kirst Walker (@doubleshiny (https://twitter.com/doubleshiny))
Pub crawls, pub heritage, satire, Runcorn
Let’s Beer it for the Girls (https://beeritforthegirls.wordpress.com/) | Rachel Auty (@marketerach (https://twitter.com/marketerach))
Bar and pub news from Harrogate; women and beer
Mashtun & Meow (http://www.mashtunandmeow.co.uk/) | Jim & Laura Rangeley (@MashtunandMeow (https://twitter.com/MashtunandMeow))
Booze, bar and food reports; based in Sheffield
Mike’s Tap Room (https://mikestaproom.wordpress.com/) | Mike Hampshire (@Naitch1982 (https://twitter.com/Naitch1982))
Former Leeds CAMRA-chair; trip, festival and pub reports; opinion
Oh Good Ale (https://ohgoodale.wordpress.com/) | Phil Edwards (@flandyke (https://ohgoodale.wordpress.com/))
Detailed reflections on beer and beer culture, based in Manchester
The Snap & the Hiss (http://thesnapandthehiss.blogspot.co.uk/) | Katie (@Shinybiscuit (https://twitter.com/Shinybiscuit))
Trip reports, bar reviews, based in the Ribble Valley
Tun of Fun (https://kelvinsbeerblog.wordpress.com/)*| Kelvin (@kelvinsbeerblog (https://twitter.com/KelvinsBeerBlog))
American (WA) home-brewer, opinion, reviews
Under the Jenfluence (https://underthejenfluence.beer/urcontent/) | Jen Blair (@UnderTheJenfluence (https://twitter.com/UnderJenfluence))
Reflections, reviews and opinion; based in Charlotte, North Carolina
Watson’s Corner (https://watsonscorner.beer/) | Natalya Watson (@natalyafern (https://twitter.com/natalyafern))
PR for Duvel in the UK; beer history, styles
Wee Beefy (http://weebeefyspubblog.blogspot.co.uk/)*| Wee Beefy (@WBeefy (https://twitter.com/WBeefy))
Idiosyncratic accounts of pub crawls in and around Sheffield
Worth A Thousand Beers (https://worth1000beers.com/) | M.C. Johnsen (@Worth1000Beers (https://twitter.com/Worth1000Beers))
Chicago based; beer styles, festival reviews, beautiful illustrations
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