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04-11-2017, 07:14
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https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-X_i8_mtVU8o/Wfm3SzxAkNI/AAAAAAAAdU4/45YSBk0Wda4kRbTNe6v0WSp_Hpq9eIi0gCLcBGAs/s400/Adnams_Tally_Ho_3.jpg (https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-X_i8_mtVU8o/Wfm3SzxAkNI/AAAAAAAAdU4/45YSBk0Wda4kRbTNe6v0WSp_Hpq9eIi0gCLcBGAs/s1600/Adnams_Tally_Ho_3.jpg)I never imagined that I’d publish recipes from my own drinking days. I used to think that only pre-WW I stuff was interesting. Then got fascinated by the interwar period. And finally realised I’m interested in everything.

I definitely drank Adnams in 1977, though probably not Tally Ho. It

wasn’t usually sold on cask. This is what the 1989 Good Beer Guide says:

“Tally Ho is a bottled beer produced in draught form for a few outlets at Christmas. It has an original gravity of 1075.”
Because I only got to drink Adnams beer in the free trade or at festivals, I don’t think I tried anything other than the Mild and Bitter.

Turning to the beer itself, the recipe hasn’t changed a huge amount since 1967. It’s still just mild malt, crystal malt and sugar. The latter remaining a combination of No. 3 invert and two proprietary sugars, Laevuline and Sucramel. For which I’ve again substituted No. 2 invert.

The only real difference in the recipe is that the proportion of sugar and crystal malt has fallen and that of mild malt increased. The hopping has remained at the same level, though the varieties used are still a mystery. Something English is all I know.

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