View Full Version : Canterbury tomorrow.

04-06-2010, 20:35
Off to have a crawl round the 6 GBG pubs in Canterbury tomorrow, and any others that take our fancy. May not get any postings done for a while though as if I am not capable on my return to the caravan, they will have to wait till I get back from Belgium/Holland at the end of this month.

Will likely be off line till then too as I have no wifi on PC, and not sure of stupid notepad thingy (called Ubisurfer) capabilities. Never had wifi on it yet despite getting codes from various pubs.

04-06-2010, 22:09
Have a good time, and I look forward to your return. Then you can add your voice to the many who have already requested going fully International on the pubs listings. ;)

05-06-2010, 21:31
Had a smashing day in Canterbury and got round all 6 GBG pubs. Looked in the Hobgoblin pub, and would love to go into some of the other pubs in the town. Will get my chance as we have a day here when we come back from Belgium at the end of the month.

Our first visit, and it was a place I could really enjoy for the place itself, if you know what I mean. Shops were not all the usual high street ones, lots of interesting features around, and the market was different too. Got good vibes from the place. The river seemed to be crossed all over, and we even saw a ducking stool!

Forgot my camera, but only the Old Brewery Tavern hasn't got a photo, and I have suggested that one. Another reason for another wander round.