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24-10-2017, 14:41
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We’ve got quite good at answering “Where should I drink in…?” queries, distilling our advice into one or to Tweets.We generally find ourselves using the following format:
1. A full-on craft beer place
2. An old-school real ale pub
3. Somewhere in between, or otherwise interesting
So in Falmouth, for example, that’s Hand Bar, Seven Stars, and Beerwolf (also a bookshop). In Victoria (today’s example) it’s Cask at Pimlico, the Speaker in Westminster and the Jugged Hare for excellent Fuller’s ales. You get the idea.
We like this because it’s (a) a straight bloody answer — a rarity in any forum — but also (b) takes into account people’s differing needs and tastes.
If nothing else it usually elicits further preferences:*“Oh, I should have said, it also needs to be child-friendly. And have food. And a choice of ciders.”
So, just for fun, if we asked for advice on where to drink in your town, suburb or city, what would be your 30-second/140-character answer?
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