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22-10-2017, 08:19
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Yes I know it says 'Beer Of The Week' not brewery of the week but this week has been a little strange. As happens regularly in the life of Timbo, things did not go according to plan and my planned trip to the Sheffield Beer Festival was shelved, where I had expected to find my choice. However early in the week I had managed a bus and beer trip to Hull.

For those who do not know the city, it has a fine drinking area in the old town, with three pubs all under joint ownership, and all three are connected with Cathead brewery who brew at one of them, 'The Lion and Key'. One of my reasons for visiting the city was to try their beer, as it does not seem to travel outside the pubs.

In the three pubs I managed 9 different beers from the brewery. Many were light, some with fruit additions, and there was a stout but two stood out in terms of weirdness. 'Fairground' was a toffee apple flavoured dark beer, and it did taste of toffee apple, and 'Jamaican Pale' seemed a little tame until I suddenly got a hit of lime and coconut.

It was certainly a revelation to me - I had heard good things of the brewery but I was very impressed, a second visit seems not too far off !

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