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13-10-2017, 08:01
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This week's selection has surprised me as much as any beer I have selected for 'Beer Of The Week'. I never expected a 'Beer of the Week' to come from the Wetherspoons festival list. I did see the list a few weeks ago, an to say I was disimpressed may be an understatement but may be I was a little premature.

Liberation Brewery are based in Jersey, in the Channel Islands and have been brewing for over a century. Their beers rarely seem to make it to the mainland, in fact, all the ones I have sampled bar one, have been at 'Spoons festivals.

'Liberation Ale' is a 4% beer, golden coloured with a clean, fresh taste with just a hint of citrus. Reading their website explains why: Maris Otter and lager malts are used and teamed up with Goldings, Styrian Goldings and Hallertau Herskbrucker hops.

The beer is readily available throughout the Wetherspoons estate, and given their prices, is an absolute bargain.

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