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04-10-2017, 12:10
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Question for me is what do you class as a local? A pub nearest to your house or a place where you frequent most?
— Si (@LeedsBeerWolf) October 3, 2017 (https://twitter.com/LeedsBeerWolf/status/915341174747095041?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw)

Eavesdropping on Twitter again we spotted the above question which got us thinking. Here’s what we came up with.1. It is, er, local. It doesn’t*necessarily have to be the very closest to your house but it should certainly be in the same parish, and frequented by your neighbours.
2. It might not be the best pub on paper, or have the best beer, but it will be decent. You might not recommend it to*other beer geeks, at least not without lots of footnotes, but you are fond of it. Getting there might even have taken a bit of effort on your part, as it did for us with the Farmer’s Arms in Penzance.
3. It is convenient. If you can suggest to your co-habitee(s)*‘Quick one at the Queen’s?’ and they reply*‘Yeah, why not’, then it’s a local. No pre-planning required, no calendar checking, and you can probably leave the shepherd’s pie going in the oven while you nip round before dinner. (Oh, there you go — it has ‘nippability’.)
You might live somewhere and never identify a local. If all the pubs in the area are truly rotten, or you’re very fussy, and however hard you try you never develop a soft spot, then that’s unfortunate but probably not unusual. You’ll no doubt find a pub you like somewhere else in town but it won’t be your*local even if you become a regular*(those two words seem paired somehow). But what you should call it, we can’t say.
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