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17-09-2017, 19:08
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Well I hope that is what it is called !

A barrel that has been sitting tempting me on the rack in The Star at Lockwood for a few days is from Lines Brewery. This is because of two reasons. Firstly, they are a rare brewery around our part of the world, coming from Caerphilly in South Wales, and secondly, the beer itself looked fascinating.

The beer is 3.2%, and the pump clip gave me all sorts of information, but sadly trying to extract the actual beer name was a little complicated. I have since checked their website and what I have been drinking comes under the umbrella of (quote) - Small Beer ' Cryo Hop' Line AD - (Phat Firkin). So pick the bones out of that then !

However it is a great beer. There is a massively fruit hit, which comes from dry hopping with Nelson Sauvin, and a pleasant soft background from oats in the brew, but what seems to place this beer apart from others is the Cryo Hop which is responsible for resins and aromatic oils. In addition to this the water for the beer comes from the brewery's own well, and the finished product is unfiltered and unfined.

I cannot do the beer justice here, just read the brewery website and it will make a lot more sense, but I can suggest that you get down the Star and try it. It looks a little different but it is superb.

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