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28-08-2017, 06:16
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Often my choice of beer of the week has been on the quirky side, or the unusual, and is often a one off beer that is a case of catch it when you can. This is not the case this week. I have chosen a beer that is regularly and widely available.

Hawkshead 'Windermere Pale' is one of those beers that I see so often I overlook it many times, but there are times when a beer just hits the right spot at the right time, and on a warm summer day this on just does that.

It is 3.5%, a sensible quaffing strength, and very pale but boasts plenty of flavour, with a blend of fruit and hops. It is brewed with Lakeland water, giving it a softness, and Maris Otter malt, and a complex mix of three English hops and American Citra hops, giving it that little extra edge.

As I said, it is available widely on cask but also in bottles, which are stronger at 4%. If you are like me and overlook it, next time try it, it may just be the beer for you.

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