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20-08-2017, 10:26
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In writing my review of Boak & Bailey’s 20th Century Pub (https://pubcurmudgeon.blogspot.co.uk/2017/08/the-ups-and-downs-of-pubs.html) the other day, the thought occurred to me that a strong parallel could be drawn between pubs and print newspapers. I didn’t include it there as it seemed like a sidetrack, but the idea is worth developing further.

Both have experienced a steady, long-drawn-out decline in custom spanning several decades

In each case, the number of outlets/titles has declined more slowly than total sales

Independent regional operators have been snapped up by national and international chains, and frequently closed down

There is concern over the domination of the industry by a small number of major players

Different brands or titles have very distinct images in the eyes of the general public. Sun=Wetherspoon’s, anyone?

Their customers, on average, tend to be older than the population as a whole

Both are widely written off as old-fashioned and a thing of the past

The people who use or buy them often have a strong attachment to particular brands
A growing proportion of the population never have any involvement with them whatsoever

Obviously it doesn’t apply in every respect, but interesting food for thought nonetheless.

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