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11-08-2017, 06:27
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If you are concerned that you may have missed week 31, do not fret. It does not exist due to my laptop finally disintegrating. Armed with a new machine, we are off and running again.
For the first time in this series this beer is not my choice, but is rather the choice of The Great British Beer Festival as their Champion Beer. Admittedly if I didn't like it it would not be included.

Church End brewery 'Goats Milk' has been around for a few years, and is one of the regulat beers from the Nuneaton based brewery. It is light, hoppy 3.8% beer, with pale barley and oats and a subtle hop blend giving a very quaffable beer. It got it's strange name as it was first brewed for a beer festival at 'The Goat' pub.

It is (or at least was !) often available locally. Try the The Star or The Kings Head if you want to sample it.

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