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01-06-2010, 09:51
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I called in at the new look Lockwood on Saturday and things have much changed. The pub has had a tidy and polish and looks great. It is now run by Richard (Brass Monkey Brewery and Rose & Crown at Thurstonland) who has put it in a trusted manager.

There are currently seven cask ales on my visit they were as follows:

Tetley Cask - 3.7% ABV

Brass Monkey Bitter - 3.8% ABV

Brass Monkey Chimp Off The Old Block - 3.6% ABV

Bradfield Farmers Blond - 4.0% ABV

Bradfield Brown Cow - 4.2% ABV

Empire Avalon - 3.9% ABV

Empire Golden Warrior - 3.8% ABV

I tried six of these and found them all in excellent condition.

Other features are Belgian bottled beers (including Orval, Liefmans, Kwak, Delirium Tremens) and a choice of four Malt Whiskies at the bargain price of 3 for a double!

Food will be available soon as will the upstairs function room and there is no problem remembering the opening hours as the pub opens at 12.00 every day.

While in the area I also visited the Lockwood and Salford Conservative Club. This was my first visit to the pleasant and friendly club and it was pleasing to see four cask beers available Tetley Cask, Black Sheep Bitter, Copper Dragon Bitter and Copper Dragon IPA. I had the latter at the bargain price of 2/pint and very good it was too.

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