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19-05-2017, 07:35
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As regular devotees of 'A Swift One' will know, one of the festivals I always try to visit is that at The Navigation at Mirfield. Yesterday saw its Spring festival start. It will run through until Sunday, and opens at midday on each day.

Thursday is usually a start up day, and the festival starts when everyone is ready, but on my arrival, around 1 pm, the beer was in full flow and plenty of the usual suspects were already present and looked well set for the afternoon. The set up followed the tried and tested routine, around 30 beers, many on a make shift bar in the back room, but all handpulled and cellar cooled, and all at £3 a pint, or £3 for a 3 1/3 flight - a bargain.

In the recent past a feature of the festival has been that the beers have been sourced from a certain area of the country. This time Scotland featured. I was slightly concerned before the festival since Bradford Beer festival had a similar theme; how wrong I was.

The list here provided a plethora of new breweries to me, and some I had never even heard of. A quick scan of the beers showed from such gems as Hybrid, Waylade, Edinbrew, Campervan, and Beath, along with lots of other rare ones.

It would be unfair of me to single out a beer of the festival, every one I sampled was good, some excellent, and there was plenty of variety of styles, from the light and hoppy to the marshmallow porter, from 2.8% to 5% plus.

All I can suggest is that if you have a spare day this weekend, get yourself over there and try some for yourself. Thanks again to Derek for his sterling work behind the bar under somewhat stressful circumstances, and thanks to Kevin and the team for sourcing a splendid selection of beers.

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