View Full Version : Slimbridge and surrounding area

29-05-2010, 16:20
Hi all,

Staying near Slimbridge next week.Near the Tudor Arms. I am not expecting to visit many pubs due to the fact that we are camping in middle of nowhere but I am hoping to get to a couple in the nearby villages.
Anybody know any "must visit" pubs in the vicinity ??

Should get a few pictures too.



31-05-2010, 12:50
Are you a "Twitcher" Delboy ?. The only thing I know about Slimbridge is Sir Peter Scott founded a large bird sanctuary there back in the 1950s. I may have driven through the place at sometime but its a complete blank.

31-05-2010, 22:48
I have been to the site at the back of the Tudoe Arms before, and it is a Good Beer Guide pub so you should get some there.

The Old Spot at Dursley was a good one a few years ago when we last went, and you could make it to Uley for the brewery of that name, and also the Old Crown pub.

New to the guide since we were in the area is the Salutation at Ham. Says Cotswold Spring and Severn Vale beers in the guide.

The New Inn at Waterley Bottom if I remember right was down a narrow road, but extremely popular. There is also the Prince Albert at Rodsborough and the Ram Inn Woodchester.