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01-01-2008, 23:32
Like the Add Pub feature, much easier.
Not sure if I can use it to change name of a pub, so I'll use the tried & trusted method.

Can you change the following please:

The Chopper
70 York Road
Battersea (SW11)
SW11 3QD

It is now called:

Battersea Bar



Galore Admin
02-01-2008, 14:46
Hi Arthur,

I have changed the name to correctly show the Battersea Bar.

The Add Pub is not a good way of changing the pub name, apart from anything it is a lot of work for you retyping all the details. We are planning to set it up so that you can let us know about mistakes in name or address, and let us know when pubs have closed or reopened from the pubs page. At the moment I am trying to get pub crawls working, but as ever it is proving more difficult than I initially planned :).

Thanks for letting us know about that, hope you had a Merry Christmas and the New Year is a good one.