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28-04-2017, 15:10
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Despite last week being a bit desperate, this week has been better. Not superb but at least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I could bore you with bicycle beers, but ...

No I came across a collaboration that may have changed my idea of collabs. I have never really got into them, I feel the man/brewery/company who own the plant call the shots, but then....

Abbeydale/Northern Monk/Siren Craft/Magic Rock have got together and created a 3 % mild!!! No I speak with forked tongue, four of the country's best brewers have managed to chuck out a 7% Hop burst.

It is not exactly scrimping on the hops, Nelson. Cascade and Galaxy are blended to create '7 Degrees of Separation'. A classic. The strength makes a pub session a little awkward but it is in cans. So if you see it, get it. Four of the best brewers in the island brewing at Abbeydale, where their brewing knowledge started, what more can you ask ?

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