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19-04-2017, 14:21
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It isn't often I have three new things, one after the other, to report, but I have this time. So, let's get on with it.

https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-HfDNXSECyaE/WPdseHD_yFI/AAAAAAAAGxE/79J_f3x0AWYFFRSLd6W8ausv8NIeqnrdQCLcB/s200/2tribes.jpg (https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-HfDNXSECyaE/WPdseHD_yFI/AAAAAAAAGxE/79J_f3x0AWYFFRSLd6W8ausv8NIeqnrdQCLcB/s1600/2tribes.jpg)Up first was an invitation from J W Lees, to attend the official launch of their collaboration beer with Seven Bro7hers Brewery of Manchester. I had previously been invited to "help" with the brewing of the beer and as I was unable to visit the brewery for a behind the scenes tasting, due to being at the CAMRA AGM in Bournemouth, I was looking forward to seeing how it had turned out. The beer is called 2 Tribes, the idea being based on the two different family brewers involved coming together. The beer itself is a ruby/dark ale with coffee added, using Bramling Cross and Goldings hops. At the launch, which took place in Seven Bro7hers' splendid tap in the Northern Quarter, the great and the good were assembled and the beer was presented in both cask and keg form, giving a chance to compare and contrast. I tried the cask first, though I feel it wasn't quite presented at its best, as a black rather than a white sparkler was used, thus loosening the traditional Lees tight, creamy head. Nonetheless the beer was smooth, easy drinking and malty, with a subtle note of coffee coming through at the end. The keg version was gassier and less smooth, but more refreshing, though the coffee didn't show up nearly so much. Both were enjoyable, though as it often is at these events, I enjoyed the company and the chance to talk to various people just as much.

https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-bWLh5GHyGX8/WPdsMgWJARI/AAAAAAAAGxA/xZFYL24Z2CIHW_rhiJ-G1e69oCNgWwMBQCLcB/s200/beatnikz.png (https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-bWLh5GHyGX8/WPdsMgWJARI/AAAAAAAAGxA/xZFYL24Z2CIHW_rhiJ-G1e69oCNgWwMBQCLcB/s1600/beatnikz.png)We left as the public flooded in and walked downhill to Redbank and Manchester's newest brewery, Beatnikz Republic, based, you've guessed it, under a railway arch. Now it isn't often I'm at the cutting edge of such things, but here I was on the very first day at a new brewing venture. Well, I should say the first day the Tap was open, but it still counts. This is a spacious and spotless place, high ceilinged, with a lovely shiny floor and the yet to be commissioned vessels down one side and German style tables and benches down the other. A wall of taps served four beers, all brewed elsewhere (and not in the same place) until owner and brewer, Paul commissions his kit. All beers are keykeg served at the moment at least. I tried three of the four beers, the Pale Ale probably being my favourite, though the "Koelsch" with sweet orange peel showed plenty of promise, but made the Germanophile within me bristle slightly at the use of the name. I really enjoyed the visit though, the chat with Paul and I'll certainly be back when he has full control of brewing on his own kit.

https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-czaeoU20NUY/WPdsMZcVy8I/AAAAAAAAGw8/pl758CUkneYHkQvYt_U5KEphd_rDkn9CwCLcB/s200/sip.jpg (https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-czaeoU20NUY/WPdsMZcVy8I/AAAAAAAAGw8/pl758CUkneYHkQvYt_U5KEphd_rDkn9CwCLcB/s1600/sip.jpg)On Saturday a few of us met up in the newest venture to open in my area - the Royton part of Oldham in fact. The Secret Sip is in space terms a micropub, but eschews the usual set up you tend to find in such places. Space is tight with a tiny bar and room for around twenty five, including standees. It is pretty tight though there is another space upstairs by the toilets which are small air raid shelter type affairs, which I think are unisex. There are five keg taps and one cask, with a partial tie to Outstanding Brewery, from where the cask beer came. The keg taps varied from Beavertown to Outstanding and all points in between. Some some of my more knowledgeable craft maven companions thought the prices more Central Manchester than Royton, but I'm guessing it discourages a certain kind of customer if nothing else. In addition, a large fridge is well stocked with bottles and cans. I certainly enjoyed the time I spent there and again I'll be back, this time trying to avoid the seat by the door, which rewarded me with an icy blast each time the door opened. It was packed out, so that happened a lot.

So there you have it. A new beer, a new brewery and a new pub. Balanced or what?

I've since has Two Tribes served through a tight sparkler and in GBG condition. It really improved it. So much so, that at 5% some of the Tavern lot got quite merry on it. Or, rather, pretty pissed.

My good friend Beers Manchester also wrote here (https://beersmanchester.wordpress.com/2017/04/13/fortune-favours-the-brave-beatnikz-republic/) about Beatnikz Republic and no less an idol than @Beers4john has praised it too.

I understand that the Secret Sip was drunk dry over Easter, so that's going well too.

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