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07-04-2017, 19:50
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They have come a long way since starting brewing in a Pocklington garage in 2011, to their current brew plant in Malton. Brass Castle are one of Yorkshire's success stories.

I have tried many of their beers, admittedly some I have enjoyed more than others, but this weekend our local Huddersfield drinkers can get my favourite. Misfit is desrcibed as a 'rolling hop swap beer' showcasing different hop pairings. They are 4.3%.

Call in the Sportsman and try this months version, it has El Dorado and Citra hops in the mix and it is good. Sorry it is excellent. I have been less than impressed by Citra in the last couple of years until I came across this version which has made me fall in love with it again.

Enjoy it...but please leave me some more for Monday !!

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