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04-04-2017, 09:45
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Well that's another Oldham Beer Festival over and it's time to reflect on a few things beerwise. Firstly it was a tremendously successful and we expect that the Mayor of Oldham's Charity Appeal, on whose behalf CAMRA run it, will benefit greatly from it. It was in effect a sellout.

As always in these things I was mainly involved with the beer side, though I didn't manage the bar. I was however intimately involved in set up and given the severe soaking I got from one brewery's cask of beer, secondary fermentation is alive and well. There are those that reckon most cask beer is inert these days. I'm not so convinced at the micro end that this is true. So many were vigorous - but we don't buy in national brands anyway, as they simply wouldn't sell. The jury is out on those usual suspects of course, but like many, I "hae ma doots" every time I drink one.

https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-t3SR7mIQutM/WONR75tDcII/AAAAAAAAGv0/Grz-veDQtRMX0-48zkY7P6fGBuSoVL3oQCLcB/s200/Chocolate-Coconut-Porter-Tryst-Brewery-600x417.jpg (https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-t3SR7mIQutM/WONR75tDcII/AAAAAAAAGv0/Grz-veDQtRMX0-48zkY7P6fGBuSoVL3oQCLcB/s1600/Chocolate-Coconut-Porter-Tryst-Brewery-600x417.jpg)It was also noticeable that the beers that sold out first were mainly local. That may not surprise you that much when we have breweries of the quality of Pictish and Brewsmith to name but two and as always there are local favourites which fly out. It wouldn't be Oldham Beer Festival without Serious Brewing's Moonlight Stout and true to form, it soon went. If your beer is good, local definitely works, so there is plenty to play for there.

We always aim to have a leavening of beers that we don't see that often in our area and this time, the Beer Orderer went for an East Midlands theme. Now some were good and some, frankly weren't that brilliant, though that could be applied to lots of beers that you stumble across in the pub. Having had a lot of experience of these things, my advice to the small brewer is simple. Get the beers, clean with distinct appropriate flavours and no odd or "challenging tastes" - at least until you have managed the basics and repeatedly reproduced them. If you have the wish to start off with juniper, lime, exotic spices etc, my advice is just don't. The drinking public aren't daft and you will get slow sales and little repeat business. And brew for your customer, not yourself. Just because your muddy mess of odd ingredients appeals to you,think on. It is unlikely to achieve broad appeal.

The beer of the festival, Tryst Chocolate and Coconut Porte might seem to contradict my musings. Not so. Tryst know what they are doing in the first place. Luscious and moreish, it was a worthy winner.

All the 62 beers were clear and bright or as near as dammit.

My focus now shifts to Bournemouth and the CAMRA AGM and Members Weekend. This will include three nights in my London gaff, so fingers crossed all round.

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