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25-03-2017, 09:19
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Since a fair chunk of my week has been taken over bythe Star Beer Festival, it seems only fair that my choice of Beer Of The Week comes from their list. I was not alone in selecting this beer, it was the first to run off, early in Friday's session.

Loch Lomond 'Southern Summit' is a 4% light, hoppy beer. It is from the Scottish brewery that has been on the go since 2011 at the southern end of the eponymous loch. It is subtle, and not overly bitter with both Summit and Citra hops in the mix.

It seems that I am not the only one to have enjoyed this beer, as it started life as a special but its popularity and several SIBA awards persuaded the brewery to add it to their core portfolio. Look out for it, it is excellent.

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