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22-03-2017, 09:21
Visit the a swift one site (http://www.aswiftone.com/2017/03/star-spring-festival.html)

The Star at Folly Hall,Spring Festival starts Wednesday 22nd March at 5pm, and 5pm Thursday. It will be open from noon on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The festival will be inside the pub this time. 15 beers available on a special bar, and apart from the ever changing selection on the main bar there will be another 15 available as cellar runs. In effect there are the same amount of beers available as usual just in different places.

Beer will be £1.50 a half and food will be available at certain times each session.

The list will follow separately.

More... (http://www.aswiftone.com/2017/03/star-spring-festival.html)