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27-05-2010, 09:57
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Tomorrow Im going to Belgium. Were staying in Brussels on Friday and going to the Weekend of Spontaneous Fermentation (http://www.bierpallieters.be/index.php?a=4&lang=eng) on the Saturday. Hopefully well be stopping at a couple of breweries over the weekend too Westvleteren (http://www.sintsixtus.be/eng/brouwerij.htm), De Struise (http://struise.noordhoek.com/eng/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1) would be cool, Cantillon (http://www.cantillon.be/br/3_1) for breakfast... Tell me though, because I wont be able to drink just sour beer and quads for two days, what new Belgian beers are there that are worth looking out for? Im thinking along the lines of Chouffe Houblon (http://www.ratebeer.com/beer/chouffe-houblon-dobbelen-ipa-tripel/56757/), modern twists on traditional Belgian styles, something a bit different (but preferably not spicy Belgian blondes or anything similar to Duvel - I have no idea why people like Duvel - as they aren't my thing).

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