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02-03-2017, 07:29
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I'm lucky enough to regularly have material pointed at or sent to me. It's dead handy and can save me a lot of time.

Today I was sent an ebook by Benedikt Rausch. And I'm very grateful. Because it's a book dedicated to German top-fermenting styles. Just before most of disappeared. It includes a handy guide to the different types:

I. Einfache and Süssbiere (Einfach, Kleinbier, Scheps, Hansla, Erntebier) of 2-3.% Balling and 5-7°% B. original gravity.
II. Weizenbieze: Weisse, Broyhan, Mumme‚etc.
III. Bitter Lagerbier-like beers: Kölner, Düsseldorfer beers of 10-12 % Ball.
IV. Smoky tasting beers: Grätzer, Lichtenhainer, Köstritzer.
V. Sour tasting beers; Döllnitzer Gose und Belgische Biere.
VI. Spontaneously-fermented beers: Danziger Jopenbier, Brüsseler Lambic, etc.
VII. English beers rich in extract and foam such as: Ale, Stout, Porter and Spruce, which interest us less.
"Die Fabrikation obergäriger Biere in Praxis und Theorie" by Braumeister Grenell", 1907, page 58. (My translation.)I find some of the categorisations a bit strange, such as Mumme as a wheat beer. Also Broyhan, now I think about it, as it was also brewed from 100% barley malt sometimes.

But most intriguing is the inclusion of Köstritzer, which is now a bottom-fermenting beer. I had heard rumours that it was once a top-fermenting style, but this is the first credible evidence. It sounds as if the colour must have come from some kind of roasted malt if it tasted smoky. Or maybe I'm getting it totally wrong.

There's more detail on brewing various top-fermenting in the section that follows. When I can be arsed to read and translate it, I'll post more.

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