View Full Version : Beer loses Barrel

05-02-2017, 15:12
The Barrel of Beer in Beer (8741 (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/8741/)) is now a pub/restaurant called The Seafood Platter. Explanation here: http://www.theseafoodplatter.co.uk/about.php - not sure about their statement that "the days of drinking pubs are gone" - rather depends what you do with them.

sheffield hatter
05-02-2017, 18:43
Thanks. I've changed the name and approved the new web link. As it now appears to be a seafood restaurant rather than a pub, I've marked it as closed until we hear from someone who's been in for just a drink.

So, "the days of drinking pubs are gone" are they? I may have to pop out for a beer or two just to prove them wrong.