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21-12-2016, 08:32
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bum, tee, bum ,bum,

Bit of a bum up. Forgot to put the right date on tomorrow's - well, today's - post. Published a day too early.

I haven't time to waste on a proper post, with all that information and fact crap. You'll have to make do with a bollocks post. Albeit one I'd already planned. As it's almost that time of year again. When the string comes out. Yes, it's time to get ready for

Drinkalongathon 2016!

You know the score. I'll give you the full list later, but this is the bare minimum (the changes from last year are in bold):

1 bottle Lagavullin
12 bottles St. Bernardus Abt
2 pieces of string
1 hard-boiled egg
1 soft-boiled egg
Another bottle of Lagavullin (2016 has been that shit)
1 bottle of Laphroaig (2016 really has been that shit)
1 bottle of Filliers 8 (in preparation for the Brexit whisky famine)
3 bottles of Absinthe
4 bottles of overproof rum (2016 really has been totally, totally shit)
12 330ml cans of Heineken (for the kiddies)
12 tablets of valium (see above on 2016)
1 large cabbage
12 more tablets of valium
2 small parsnips
12 more tablets of valium
1 bottle of dry sherry
1 bottle of wet sherry
1 firkin Harvey's Old Ale
1 bottle Meat Stout

See you on Sunday. And don't forget the string!

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