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17-12-2016, 08:01
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He obviously doesn't drink where I drink ! Yes it's that time. The once a year drinkers are out in force today. I am unsure if today is 'Mad Friday' or is that next week. Whichever, today is very irritating Friday.

I had a route around the town, and it served me well for a couple of hours (but on the down side who really want's to start beer ticking at 11 am - except for research purposes obviously!) but then it was as if someone opened a tap of people and it all went downhill.

As readers may know, I occasionally serve the occasional beer, so standing on the sensible side of the bar is not too unusual....however today , on the customer side of the bar, it seemed as though everyone wanted to make as life as hard as possible for the bar staff. 'I will have a gin, (not that one, the one I had last time)' ..We will have the weakest beer you have,...but I don't like that, have you anything stronger'..'Have you no smooth-Carling-Guinness-Etc Etc' ...The obvious answer is why are you cluttering a pub with decent beer, so I cannot get served. just go somewhere where they may satisfy your needs ...Please..

The overwhelming desire to harm the customer is overwhelmed by the desire to let them have a happy Christmas, despite the fact they fail to understand the work the poor bar staff put into their day.. Ho Ho Ho and all that...just waiting till we can get our revenge !!!

Ps I am not referring to any place in particular, (except I can name two in Huddersfield at least !!!)

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