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15-12-2016, 07:32
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Today was a time out for some father and son bonding. I had to see my offspring over a matter and where better to chat than over a beer or two. I had a couple of plans but since he had managed to finish work early we arranged to meet up in Huddersfield. The objective then was to find a pub not full of Christmas revellers. Fortunately the Sportsman fitted the bill on this occasion.

Not only that, I espied a beer I had particularly wanted to try on the bar. Hawkhead ' Northern Imperial Stout' was sitting there tempting me. Admittedly it was 9.5% so not the beer to start a session with but it would be rude not to sample it before leaving.

It was a perfect winter beer, but dangerously drinkable for its strength. Obviously it is a dark beer, but deep and complex, a myriad of flavours mixing each mouthful different tastes. Chocolate, coffee and roast malts are all there, along with fruits in the mix. There is a bitterness but the overall effect is a winter warmer, just a shame it was 11 degrees outside !

If you cannot manage to get to the Sportsman, then the beer is also available on keg and in bottles.

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