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13-12-2016, 15:34
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Well I needed a bit of shopping and the bus sort of took me to Bradford.

I went my usual haunts. As always the beer was interesting and excellent. But...

The 'Peacock' on North Parade was my objective. I know very little about the place except, it seems like a very small Indian Restaurant with a few hand pumps.

I called in there a few weeks ago and was told that the pub was going to get some 'proper' Indian beer on. (proper in this case brewed in Birmingham), from the Indian Brewery Co. I have never tried it so this was the opportunity to see how it travelled. It was excellent, a 4.9% IPA full of hop and flavour. It was certainly worth waiting for.

Should you have a need for Christmas shopping off the beaten track I can heartily recommend North Parade in Bradford. Plenty of pubs, plenty of good beers and plenty of variety.

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