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11-12-2016, 20:21
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Circumstances - (i.e family concerns) took me took me to Chesterfield today. Not a bad place to go for the odd beer or two actually, just takes a bit of walking between pubs.

But it was good to come across a few breweries there that we never see in our area. Instant Karma and Pigeon Fishers being two. (The latter is one brewery I have tried to find for around two years - today I got two new beers in 30 minutes !!0

The one - must visit - pub in Chesterfield, is the Chesterfield Ale House, in West Bar (find the Bus Station and keep walking). Plenty of bottles and cans, but what attracts me are the 6 handpulls. Constantly changing - themed rather than brewery based - and everyone is excellent. And served by staff who know their beer

Today -apart from the previously mentioned bird brewery - had Credence '5 Hop Blonde'. It was excellent, at 5% a 'proper IPA' with 5 hops (obviously).Certainly one to look out for again when I am not driving.

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