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09-12-2016, 20:23
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Sorry purists, have been drawn into the keg side. No I have no reason to apologise, I am quite partial to the odd keg beer, and looking at the clip, this was a little on the odd side.

Wild Beer are from Somerset, and a pretty fine brewery. I have sampled plenty of their beers in the past but always on cask, bur when I was a little short of choice in the Victoria Cafe in Halifax today I was drawn to their 'Sleeping Lemons'.

The version I had was 3.6%. And checking on the brewery web site this is the summer version.(The winter version is 6%). It is a lemon gose. Sharp and sour, fresh, clean and with plenty of zing. It would be a perfect summer beer, and to tell the truth, it's not a bad beer for a grey December day either.

If anyone has a sighting of the 6% version let us know, I would be interested to try it.

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