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18-05-2010, 08:37
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If you happened to have a couple of hours spare on Monday, may be you were due to go on holiday but some strange sounding volcano closed Manchester Airport, or may be you just wanted a quiet pint out of the way, then 'The Kings Head' in St Georges Square was not a bad pace to idle your time away.

The bar offered an amazing selection of hoppy beers to match that I have seen anywhere, the only problem(s) being where to start, and when to leave. In addition to Taylors Best and Landlord, Dark Star Hophead and Bradfield Farmers Blonde were the beers more often found there. I dismissed them for the more unusual offerings.

Pictish had their Brewers Gold there, rubbing shoulders with another single hopped variety, Chinook, both in super form. Marble Pint was there and was as good as I have ever had, and Brewsters Decadence was there and stood comparison with anything else available.

All in all, a super afternoon of hoppy beers, topped off with a visit to the Sportsman, where I was lucky enough to come across another single hop beer, Acorn Nelson Sauvin which livened up an otherwise pedestrian bar.

Not a bad place to be stranded after all. Bring on the next ash cloud !!! (sorry Aliaian,hope you managed to get away)

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