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25-10-2016, 15:42
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Don't drink beer essentially. Apart from the fact that it is cripplingly expensive, it is piss poor. Rome is the home of Peroni and that's what you get everywhere near enough, except in these places that charge just as much for it as Peroni places, but give you something generic for the same price. And it isn't Nastro Azzuri, the premium stuff, but the weaker and poorer Rosso, a red label beer, not red in colour, but as poor a lager as you are likely to come across. How much then? Generally for 0.2l, around €4 and upwards of €6 for 0.4 - and more if in a nice square. I was soon cured of it, even when offered in our hotel, in the happy hour, for half price. This is a "not worth it at any price" beer. What about craft? Well, there was some, with un-named bottles sold at loony prices here and there. Far better to drink local wine and watch the world go by.

https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-iQwhjojDujU/WA9s_M4NM5I/AAAAAAAAGok/tQ7WNsXuw0obbiHQ1lsgyNpJbVuzwgzIwCLcB/s320/hammersaison.jpg (https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-iQwhjojDujU/WA9s_M4NM5I/AAAAAAAAGok/tQ7WNsXuw0obbiHQ1lsgyNpJbVuzwgzIwCLcB/s1600/hammersaison.jpg)But that was old Rome. Tourist Rome in spades if you will. A walk across the river to the area of Trastevere does not bring any relief at all from the prices and it is still touristy, but you do find a little variety in mass produced lager. You can safely ignore this though. Why drink Morretti or Porretti when you can drink craft from the many little craft beer bars lurking in the pretty streets and on a sunny day, I was in the mood for a beer. We repaired to the two bars which everyone tells you are a must. Our first port of call was Bir&Fud, one of two bars in a quiet square in the back streets. Narrow and thin with three little tables at the front, this offers a veritable cornucopia of Italian brewed craft beers. The narrowness of the pub is offset by bigger rooms behind, but we sat outside in the front while a gaggle of voluble Italian lads and a solitary lassscoffed beers and laughed a lot. My Hammer Brewery Saison was as good a beer as I'd had in a while - spicy, hoppy and very moreish - so good I had two - while Eileen liked her Italian lager, though muttered a bit about its haze. The pub was quiet though and I reckon it might get a bit frantic there when busy, but we were greeted warmly enough, the beer was bloody good and, by Rome standards, cheap. Beers were mostly €6 depending on strength and it seemed you just got smaller glasses as the strength went up. Not a bad system at all.

https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-zVlurVvWceA/WA9s_oly2kI/AAAAAAAAGoo/gbMXefKSTWkKGftqNu_ce_d4RGyT-LCFACLcB/s320/footballpubrome.jpg (https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-zVlurVvWceA/WA9s_oly2kI/AAAAAAAAGoo/gbMXefKSTWkKGftqNu_ce_d4RGyT-LCFACLcB/s1600/footballpubrome.jpg)Across the road is Ma Che Siete Venuti A Fà, beloved of luminaries such as Stonch (http://www.stonch.co.uk/2007/03/birra-in-roma-ma-che-siete-venuti-fa.html)who praised it to the heavens years ago. Again it was fairly quiet and again, the beer was bloody good. E enjoyed her imported German Pilsner - can't remember which - but, to her immense satisfaction, clear as a bell, while my Rurale 5 Seta Special was a Belgian style wit with bergamot, which again called for two. Same as its sister place across the road, I wouldn't fancy my chances later in the evening, but it was sure charming enough and the same prices applied.

So when in Rome and you fancy a beer, go to these two places. Pretty smashing really.

We should really have stayed for more, but we fancied something to eat where there sun shone. Both these pubs were in the shade and sadly the sun did not shine all the time for us and we didn't want to miss it while it was there.
Unwisely, I didn't take Jeffers advice for other venues. I should have, but E will be glad I didn't. She was in wine mode. Mind you it was ten years ago.

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