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19-10-2016, 07:10
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https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-dsIB9S8_Vfo/WAX0Rc8vpVI/AAAAAAAAaxg/OG5opQQouvMnd0qUSfjlDFUbKl4hBRkwgCLcB/s400/Shepherd_Neame_Brown_Ale_1937.JPG (https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-dsIB9S8_Vfo/WAX0Rc8vpVI/AAAAAAAAaxg/OG5opQQouvMnd0qUSfjlDFUbKl4hBRkwgCLcB/s1600/Shepherd_Neame_Brown_Ale_1937.JPG)
It’s a very special beer for a very special day.

For two reasons. Today is my 60th birthday and this beer was brewed on the day that I was born, October 19th 1956. That it’s a Mild just makes it even more appropriate.

In most other respects, it’s not that special a beer. It isn’t particularly strong, though the gravity had increased a tad since 1947. Just about enough to tip it over into intoxicating land. It just manages to scrape in over 3% ABV, usually my bottom limit for bothering.

Shepherd Neame didn’t go for complicated recipes. This one just has a single type of pale malt, a dash of malt extract, No. 3 invert sugar and something called UKCS which must be some type of proprietary sugar. I’ve just bumped up the No. 3 content to allow for this.

At this point Shep’s seem to have only been using hops from their own gardens. At least that’s all that turns up in the photos I have. It makes perfect sense, the brewery being located in Kentish hop country. I am surprised by the modest level of their hopping. I’ve always imagined breweries in Kent being enthusiastic hoppers.

I quite like the fact that it’s such an ordinary beer. One meant for supping by the gallon down the pub with your mates. It seems appropriate for a beer born on the same day as me.

1956 Shepherd Neame MB

pale malt
5.50 lb

no. 3 sugar
1.00 lb

malt extract
0.01 lb

Fuggles 120 mins
0.75 oz

Goldings 30 mins
0.50 oz




Apparent attenuation



Mash at
152º F

Sparge at
170º F

Boil time
120 minutes

pitching temp
62.25º F

a Southern English Ale yeast

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