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18-10-2016, 09:11
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As I mentioned last week, the Wetherspoon festival started last week, and i have managed to sample quite a few of their beers. Unfortunately, most are not quite to my taste, except for one that really stood out.

Liberation are a brewery that are rarely encountered, even though they have been around since 1871. The reason being that the are based in Jersey, so beer festivals seem to be the place to encounter them, and I have come across a few at previous 'Spoons events.

This time they have created one of my favourite styles of beers and done a fine job too. Their 3.9% 'Pilsner' is their take on a cask lager, It is a totally UK creation with the UK Pilsner malt being complemented with Pioneer and Sovereign hops.

The resulting beer is crisp, clean and light, with a hint of citrus and a background sweetness making a wonderfully rounded beer.

I came across it in Halifax, but it is doing the rounds of 'Spoons if you want to catch it.

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