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17-10-2016, 07:21
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The Kelham Island Brewery in Sheffield has been on the go since 1990, one of the older hands in the micro brewery revolution. It has produced plenty of beers in its lifetime, but lately I have not been too impressed with some of their output. At least until yesterday.

I called in the Market Tavern in Brighouse, (as an aside, if you have not visited it, get down there, it is excellent) and discovered a new Kelham Island IPA on the bar. 'IPA of the Dead' is their new beer for October. It is 5.9% - a proper strength for an IPA, not like these 3.9% versions. And the strength gives it the chance to have a proper body, and consequently it drinks its strength, if that makes sense.

However, apart from the body, the beer has a good hop balance, according to their website 'a fusion of hops from the old and new worlds'. It leads to a clean finish, with hints of citrus in the background.

Certainly worth a second pint, or a third in my case. And the bother it caused me for missing my bus !!

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