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07-10-2016, 06:42
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On Wednesday 12th October, Wetherspoons promises the start of the 'World's Biggest Real Ale Festival'. We have been here before haven't we. This time though there is a twist. All the beers are brewed with British hops.

I managed to get a beer list yesterday, complete with tasting notes and the hops used. At first glance it seemed a bit ordinary, and with only 30 beers on offer, not as large as previous years. There will be 5 collaborations, two with USA brewers, and one each from South Africa, Australia, and Italy. Almost every style of beer is catered for from milds to pilsners, but reading the notes there seems to be a leaning towards the 'mahogany' coloured beers.

What really interests me are the hops used. There are a fair range, but Challenger,and Admiral, seem to predominate but there is a fair spinkle of other varieties too, with one new hop appearing, (so new it has no name at present) . Purity includes CF133 in their beer, but as a combination rather than a single hop .

No doubt over the couple of weeks of the festival I will try a few, and should I come across a gem or two I will let you know. I will be interested in what I find, and see what British brewers can do with British hops, I hope they are good enough to start to turn the tide away from the reliance on foreign imports,

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