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26-09-2016, 20:05
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Just a quick reminder that Huddersfield CAMRA's Oktoberfest starts this Thursday.
The eagle-eyed of you will have spotted that that two thirds of Oktoberfest is actually in September but with Cask Ale Week lasting nearly a fortnight, what's a few days between friends!
I've not seen a beer list so all I know is what is on the poster: 60 beers and some ciders over the course of three days at The Apna Venue Leisure Centre, near Huddersfield bus station.
There is more information about session times and admission prices in Ale Talk and on the Huddersfield CAMRA website here. (http://huddscamra.org.uk/oktoberfest/oktoberfest-2016/)
Before I go, I'd just like to say how much I enjoyed The Navigation's beer festival in Mirfield on Friday. And thank you to Derek for recommending some top notch beers from London.
On the downside, poor planning on my my part meant I missed The Sportsman's Scottish Beer festival. I hope it went well.

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