View Full Version : The Croft - Glenlivet - Message for Dave

14-05-2010, 10:34
I have been piecing together a few pubs to visit when I am in Aberdeenshire next month and added some I have found that weren't on PG via the "add a pub" route. One though gave me a bit of address hassle - the Croft Inn at Glenlivet. No town name came up although the nearest town/village of note appears to be Ballindalloch. I have entered the town as Forres as that was the best option on the drop down box although it sin't really a very good option. You may wish to get the atlas out and decide the exact address format.

NB I have put a similar message in the Pub Review comments box that can be removed when you add the pub.

Dave M
14-05-2010, 13:21
Hi Roger,

Just finished going through your latest additions, some of those were really off the beaten track.

Anyway, I've sorted the Croft Inn (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/69533/), as you say Ballindalloch is the nearest place of note and is in fact a postal town - it just didn't show up as an option as we had no pubs there. I've then also added the village of Glenlivet within the town of Ballindalloch, so hopefully it is fairly clear where the Croft Inn is.

Thanks for your help on that one, it is always an interesting challenge trying to get the addresses right on pubs that are in the middle of nowhere! Also I have removed your comments from the pub listing now.