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03-09-2016, 06:30
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One of the up and coming new breweries in the West Yorkshire area are Vocation brewery from Cragg Vale near Hebden Bridge. Every beer I have had from the brewery has been good and, in some cases, excellent. However, one has been missing from my list.

'Smash and Grab' is their DIPA, brewed at 8.5%. It is fairly readily available in cans but is as rare as hens teeth on draught. On previous occasions when I have heard of it and rushed to the pub to get it, others have beaten me to it.

However, I called in the Victorian Cafe Bar in Halifax yesterday, and guess what I found on keg !!

It was a good as I had hoped. The strength gives it a good, malty backbone, but despite this it scarily does not drink its strength. There are plenty of hops there as would be expected and each mouthful brings different flavours to the fore, so it is hard to say that one dominates but I got hints of toffee, citrus fruits, and pine, to name but a few.

As I said it is available in cans, but I was overjoyed to get it on keg - it was worth the wait.

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