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31-08-2016, 06:12
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As you may be aware, Bingham's 'Vanilla Stout' won this years CAMRA Beer of Britain at the recent Great British Beer festival. Myself and a fellow editor were discussing this at the weekend, and whether it was a good choice. As it happens, neither of us really knew since neither of us had sampled it. However....

Binghams are a brewery, brewing on a 10 barrel plant in Ruscombe in Berkshire. They have been brewing since 2010 so are obviously experienced at what they do, and have a fairly large portfolio of beers. However, they are a brewery whose beers I rarely find. Until yesterday.

I called in the Harrogate Tap and there the champion beer was on the bar. I had to sample it to see if it was worthy of its accolade. Well I am unsure. It is a 5% stout, and did not really drink that strength, nor did the infusion of vanilla pods bring much to the beer. It was pleasant enough but in my opinion, not sufficiently pleasant to justify its award.

I am sorry Bingham's. May be the beer does not travel well, or may be my sample was tired but it did not give me the wow factor I had expected.

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