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30-08-2016, 11:29
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A lot has took place over the last couple of weeks, Tony has finally opened up The Pump Room, his new micro pub opposite the bus station, named after the sadly departed pub which was based close to the Three Pigeons on New Road. **We’ve had the Brighouse Canal and Music Festival, with the latter part being organised by local musician and promoter Jason Fieldhouse. *There has been a number of smaller festivals over the bank holiday including the 5 day Indyfax event at the Victorian Craft Beer Cafe and Rock of the North at the Cock of the North, Hipperholme.
And I’ve been to none of them due to being away on holiday and a long weekend in Leicester, so it makes it rather hard to write about local events, *I’ve also covered most of the beer aspects of my holiday last week and the visit to Leicester did not really involve much interesting beer wise. *I did intend to visit the Pump Room on Bank Holiday Monday, but jobs overran, meaning I intend to redouble the effort to try and get there this coming weekend. *However before I wrap up Weymouth I ran out of room to mention a nice pub we found as we left the railway station on our last full day. **The Handmade Pie and Ale House (http://www.thehandmadepieandalehouse.com/) is a cosy two level pub, the upper level for dining. *Warm and welcoming with good customer service and as you can guess from the name they offer pies as a core part of their menu and they looked rather nice as they went past our table. *The real ales are served on 5 or 6 hand pumps.with a mix of local and higher profile breweries. *On the day there was local beers from Butcombe and Dorset Brewing Company, Conquest (Somerset) and Youngs representing further afield and Timothy Taylor the national brand. *I had a couple of the local brews and they quenched the thirst if not setting off fireworks in my mouth.
Locally at the Pump Room and based on Chris Dysons (http://chrisdyson55.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/pump-action.html?spref=fb) report of his visit to the venue, there are artifacts from the original pub, confirming rumours that certain unique features of the pub had been removed before the wreckers ball turned it to dust. *The outside pub sign certainly went missing well before the demolition team came close, but it’s not surfaced again to my knowledge. *According to the same article there is a good range of well kept real ales with 6 hand pumps as well as 3 real ciders on offer. *There is also a range of mid to high end spirits on offer. *So we have a good location and a mix of beers from good local and regional brewers. *Along with someone who knows his beer and a relaxed venue, it will be hard to fail in a town were small or independent bars who deliver on their beer are well supported by drinkers in the area.
I’ve written about the old Pump Room (http://www.seanliquorish.co.uk/blog/?p=794) before including the plans for it to be flattened over four years ago, to provide facilities for the new shopping centre which was meant to be developed between the shops on Horton Street and the now flattened land on Church Street and New Street taking in the car park that sits in between. *These plans have never come to fruition and the land is now up for sale again. **The Pump Room was well off it’s peak when it closed down but was still a going concern that could have been built back up to higher levels of trade with some work. **The area will never be developed into the new shopping centre given the Northgate House development which is proposed when the council vacate their central offices and existing library building which is in a much better location. *So we lost a pub for no reason, if it would have survived naturally we don’t know, but it would have had a chance to try.
Let’s finish this week on a positive note. *The fact that I missed so much over two weekends says so much about this area and I haven’t even scratched the surfaces of what our pubs and other venues are putting on including a music festival at Barkisland. *These festivals and beer events attract people to the area and other venues close by so have wider benefits. *Look at Halifax town centre, a few years ago it was a bit of an ale desert, now it has many alcoholic oasis to drink at!

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