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27-08-2016, 13:54
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There’s an interesting piece on the Labour Uncut website by Kevin Meagher entitled The skipped over people of real Britain (http://labour-uncut.co.uk/2016/08/26/the-skipped-over-people-of-real-britain/#more-21063). The whole thing is well worth reading, but it’s particularly noteworthy that he makes the following observation:

You drink lager or real ale, not craft beer. If you go out for a meal, it’s to a Harvester pub, not a bijou Vietnamese canteen.This is generalist writing, not specifically beer-focused, and it underlines how drinking craft beer has become associated with a particular kind of élitist metropolitan mindset. When CAMRA started, real ale was, to a large extent, consumed by working-class drinkers. To a lesser degree, it still is, for example in Holt’s and Sam Smith’s pubs around here. But how many working-class people will there be at IndyManBeerCon?
I can imagine many crafterati will have shared Emily Thornberry’s distaste for a couple of St George’s flags draped over the front of a house with a white van in the drive.

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