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Norm H
13-05-2010, 23:54
I recently came across a digital copy of a photo of the White Lion in Esher, Surrey, which was probably taken in the late 1800s. A distant relative of mine, Ernest Edward I'Anson, was the proprietor at that time. I understand the White Lion was recently demolished, but was wondering if anyone has any information or other photos of the White Lion.


14-05-2010, 11:54
Ni Norm,

Glad you made it onto the forum, I did get a reply off Graham Coombs (Pangolin), I will forward the full reply onto you, but so everyone else gets the information:

Hi Conrad – an interesting one! Sorry that Mr Haywood missed the chance to visit.

Certainly the same White Lion, although rebuilt in I would guess around 1900-1920. It was situated on the old main London to Portsmouth road – Esher was an important stop for stagecoaches and had a number of coaching inns, which lost their importance after the arrival of the railways.

I haven’t managed to turn up a picture of the White Lion before closure, but there is a local history society in Esher that apparently have a picture: see http://www.getsurrey.co.uk/lifestyle/s/57769_esher_district_local_history_society
– contact is deleted for web.

There is also a Pub History Society with some info on researching ancestors in pubs– see http://www.pubhistorysociety.co.uk/html/research.html

The “Brandon’s” on the picture would be Brandon’s Putney Brewery, which took over a number of breweries around SW London and Surrey, before being taken over itself by Mann, Crossman, latterly becoming Watneys/Trumans. Believed closed 1949.



Not sure if anyone else has anymore information as well.