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27-08-2016, 06:29
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As a drinker I have always bemoaned the lack of decent drinking places near the Bus Station in Halifax. Well, I can stop moaning now. Recently I featured the Grayson Unity and earlier this week Pump Room II opened its doors, even more conveniently just across the road from the bus station entrance on Northgate.

It is a small building, just one room in effect, that has a bar at the far end. The bar holds 6 changing hand pulled beers as well as 5 fonts with lager, stout and a couple of craft beers. The back of the bar is the barrel stillage, behind a perspex wall.

This is a fascinating use of physics - the barrels are kept cool by a cooler above the pub, but are stacked in rows of four, and there is a hoist to allow their removal and addition to the stillage. It is easy to see the oncoming beers - the barrels are there on view !

But what of the beer ? I was quite happy with my choice of a Brecon wheat beer and a Whippet stout, out of those on offer, and they were reasonably priced. I inadvertently forgot to write the rest down but they were all from smaller breweries.

On my visit, early on Friday lunchtime, the pub was busy, and all the seating taken, so it was standing room only at the bar, and my concern would be that it may just become too busy, but time will tell.

It opens daily from 12 noon, until 11 pm, and is a welcome addition to the drinking establishments of the town, especially since it has taken the name of much missed demolished Pump Room. Hopefully it will be equally successful.

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