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26-08-2016, 07:36
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One of my favourite breweries is from Scarborough. Originally a brew pub at the eponymously named pub 'North Riding Brewery' has moved part of it's operation to an out of time industrial estate, from where it has been brewing for around 18 months.

Stuart Neilson is one of those brewers whose beers I also look out for and whose beers I almost always enjoy. He is a lover of hops and many of the breweries output are pale and hoppy, but every month the brewery does produce a few specials and I stumbled across one of them in the Sportsman yesterday.

'Rum and Raisin Mild' is 4.3%, and it is undeniable that it does what it says on the clip. It has a very pleasant malty base but this soon diffuses into a massive hit of rum and raisin. I must admit that the beer may be a little sweet but it is very drinkable. And very unusual. (Most of the rum and raisin beers I have encountered have tasted synthetic and unpleasant, this is not the case here).

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