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24-08-2016, 14:31
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On a damn hot day it seemed like a good time to publish this – enjoy!

Makes about 1.5l ice cream

https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-BvDMvV_Ha9M/V72vMQA6LiI/AAAAAAAAA-A/EOKEzzE62zI-u-94xvAO_1jCWAzprJdtwCLcB/s200/doppelbock%2Bfondant%2Btarte%2B%2526%2Borange%2Bbe er%2Bice%2Bcream.jpg (https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-BvDMvV_Ha9M/V72vMQA6LiI/AAAAAAAAA-A/EOKEzzE62zI-u-94xvAO_1jCWAzprJdtwCLcB/s1600/doppelbock%2Bfondant%2Btarte%2B%2526%2Borange%2Bbe er%2Bice%2Bcream.jpg)

I served mine with a doppelbock fondant tarte that I'll post the recipe for soon

400ml whole milk (preferably Jersey as it’s got extra fat content that will make up for the beer not having any)
75ml Orbit Peel or Earth Ales Spicy Weisse
300ml double cream
5 egg yolk

140g caster sugar
zest 2 oranges (blood if in season)
4tbsps of blood orange juice or juice of one orange


If you have time, freeze the orange juice
Gently heat milk, beer cream until it starts to just bubble
Whilst you’re keeping an eye on that, whisk together yolks and sugar until it’s properly amalgamated and very pale
Get a damp towel under your bowl so it doesn’t move around and then gradually whisk in the warm beer/milk/cream, do not stop whisking or you’ll get lumps!
Return to pan, really gently heat and stir until thickened (I find one of those silicone spatulas is best for this, it brings it off the base of the saucepan best) DO NOT STOP STIRRING
When you can draw a firm line on the back of the spatula you are done
Allow to cool for a few moments and then stir in zest and (frozen) juice, which will help bring the temperature down, pass through a fine sieve in case you did scramble some egg and put in a metal bowl and allow to get very cold in fridge
Churn in an ice cream maker or follow this method if you don’t have one – enjoy!

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