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23-08-2016, 19:17
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Another book. Can you believe it? I forgot about it. Mostly put together last year, fiddled with this week. Polished up with my patented turd polisher.

A guidebook to (bits) of a country that no longer exists. Descriptions of beers that haven't been brewed for decades. Ratings for razed pubs. So useful. [insert time machine joke].

All of the bits. No, not all. Quite a few of the bits I've written about the DDR in the last 20-odd years. Mostly totally, totally useless information.

You can buy it here, if your head has a few too many bumps:


Another cracking cover from Alexei. Much better than the useless crap inside. It's an old trick. Classy cover, rubbish inside.

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